Safety First

Whatever your video needs, working amidst a global pandemic is something that has to be considered. We have adapted our process and offerings to the current reality of a socially distant world in a number of ways.

Masks and Six Feet

You tell us the story you want to capture, we all keep our distance. There are very few productions that require close contact while filming. We feel that’s something to be embraced right now. Whether it’s attaching a microphone for an interview, moving equipment from one corner of your location to another, or getting creative in how best to film on-camera interactions, there’s nothing we can’t do with six feet between us, and nothing we can’t instruct you to do for us from six feet away from you. Safety is the new normal. We know how to bring production to a socially distant world.

Remote Production and Consultation

You film it, we tell you how. With the video quality of smart phones exponentially increasing, and the cost of high quality video cameras continually decreasing, some very capable production gear is already in most people’s hands. From camera settings to accompanying audio options to directing you on how best to find camera angles, improvise lighting tricks, and foresee the potential pitfalls of what you’re trying to capture, Zerosun is ready to put you in the best position to capture your story. Consider us your pre-production film school.

Stock Footage and Collaboration

A global pandemic isn’t the only reason to think differently about your video; time and budgetary constraints are always a consideration. Zerosun is experienced in creating videos without your own custom shoot. Work in collaboration with our post-production team to create your story using stock footage libraries, your branding elements, and our own creative talents. We have a small team of producers, designers, artists and editors ready to build your video from scratch–right at their desks.

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