DIA Check In Process Launch Video

Alongside our amazing client CIG, we braved the construction, travelers and infamous Blucifer statue at Denver International Airport to capture the new Great Hall Project showcasing the features of the new bag check process. 

With a tight timeline to produce our video by time of the projects’ unveiling and numerous filming obstacles in a large, public space under construction, it was an exciting yet daunting task. 

To our director of photography Tyler Swank’s delight, DIA has the perfect design to facilitate gorgeous lighting! Under the sun its unique, white tent structures covering the main terminal fill the airport with an amazing soft light. 

The roof is quite possibly the world’s largest softbox.

Supplemented with our two Aputure LS300X lights, we were able to balance and fill out the lighting in such a large space. 

Ongoing construction provided tricky scouting and filming conditions. In lieu of a traditional shot list, we arrived early and walked through the entire script setting the shots, angles, and blocking to circumvent scaffolding, red tape, and safety concerns. Then we went to work moving orange cones around, fixing small imperfections in the shots, and making sure each bag check unit was clean and sparkling. 

The reflections from the check-in kiosks provided one final roadblock to flawless film. With the help of a 4’X8’ black floppy to block out background elements combined with the perfect camera angle, we achieved a clean screen clearly showing the process providing the viewer with the most real user experience for the new bag check system. 

We love a creatively challenging shoot- especially one somewhere as unique as Denver International Airport.

Check out the final product below! And on your next visit to DIA, after successfully using the new bag drop technology, don’t forget to look up and take in the amazing light coming through that softbox. 

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