From concept to launch, we create videos that tell meaningful stories.

Zerosun specializes in producing videos and commercials for brands, companies, events, agencies and more. We’ll assign a producer to work directly with your marketing team from pre-production all the way to delivery.

We keep projects in-house while also utilizing teams of sub-contracted designers, animators, sound engineers and more to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a one-off video project, or and entire campaign, our experienced team can push it through the pipeline with a custom development process that is tailored to your brand.


  • Campaign and Content Development
  • Scripting, Copywriting, and Storyboarding
  • Digital and Branding Development
  • Pre and Post Video Production Prep and Animatics
  • Production Coordinating and Crew Sourcing
  • Custom Field Production
  • Motion Graphics and Creative Editing
  • Post Production and Polishing (Sound Mixing, Sound Effects, Color and More)
  • Talent Sourcing (Voice Over, Actors, Extras, etc.)
  • Pre Produced Video Assets for Specialized Events
  • File Conversion and Traffic Capabilities for Broadcast, Web and Social


Zerosun coordinates custom crews for productions located in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain Region.

Our in-house producers source trusted, experienced subcontractors such as photographers, sound mixers, camera ops, makeup artists, gaffers, super grips and more who we’ve worked with for years.

Whether it’s a 4-person crew composed of a producer, camera operator, sound mixer, and grip/gaffer, or a larger team in need of an in-studio setup, Zerosun can help you plan and execute your production.

Customize your production with our extensive collection of professional equipment and gear.


Our studio is stacked with nothing but the best equipment to produce videos with the highest audio and visual quality. If we don’t have it, we have relationships with companies throughout Denver that offer great deals on additional gear.

  • Full Grip Truck with C-Stands, Flag Kit, Bounce Cards, Tripods, Grip Gear
  • CANON C500 Mii Cinema Camera
  • 2x Canon C300 Mii Cameras, 1x Canon C100 Mii, Sony FS7
  • Sennheiser, Sanken Shotgun, Lav and Wireless Audio
  • Movi, Ronin Camera Stabilizers
  • 5 ft. Slider, 12 ft. Dana Dolly
  • 8 ft. EZ Jib with Mobile Tripod Unit
  • Sony A7 Timelapse Setup
  • Grey/White/Green Backdrop Setups
  • Canon Prime Lens Package (24, 35, 50, 85mm), Canon L-Series, Rokinon Lens Packages
  • Kino, Arri, Fiilex LED, Dracast LED Lighting Systems (with V-Mount Battery Units)

Zerosun Creative is a truly professional team.

"It was a great pleasure to host James Joliat and teammate Tyler for a documentary they are producing for Denver Arts & Venues about light sculptor Dorothy Tanner."

–Barry R.

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