From concept to launch, we create videos that tell meaningful stories.

Zerosun specializes in producing videos and commercials for brands, companies, events, agencies and more. We'll assign a producer to work directly with your marketing team from pre-production all the way to delivery.

We keep projects in-house while also utilizing teams of sub-contracted designers, animators, sound engineers and more to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a one-off video project, or and entire campaign, our experienced team can push it through the pipeline with a custom development process that is tailored to your brand.


Script and Copywriting 

We are storytellers at heart, so we jump at the opportunity to help craft the narrative that drives design. This is where our collaborative approach really comes into play, as it is so important to fully understand our clients, their brands and goals to create something unique and compelling. And most importantly, authentically you

Brand Identity and Design 

We believe strong brand identity and design vision are crucial foundations for any successful promotional campaign. That’s why we take the time to familiarize ourselves with every clients’ brand identity and assets before we begin working on a project. We often make recommendations or experiment with branding materials that set up both the brand and the subsequent video for success. Our clients love this element to our process so much, many of them repurpose the elevated brand assets we create for their website, social media, living rooms, wherever they see fit! 

Creative Campaign Production

Here at Zerosun, we believe in making things as easy as possible. That’s why we love working alongside clients  and agencies for creative campaigns. It gives us the opportunity to weave creative and logistical considerations into the framework of a project, streamline the process and provide direction from inception to delivery. This results in a beautifully crafted, cohesive campaign that everyone feels good about.

Crew for Hire

Zerosun coordinates custom crews for productions located in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain Region. Our in-house producers source trusted, experienced subcontractors such as photographers, sound mixers, camera ops, makeup artists, gaffers, super grips and more who we’ve worked with for years. Whether it’s a 4-person crew composed of a producer, camera operator, sound mixer, and grip/gaffer, or a larger team in need of an in-studio setup, Zerosun can help you plan and execute your production. Added bonus? You can customize your production with our extensive collection of professional equipment and gear.

Equipment and Gear 

We believe the trick to amazing content is in the details. That’s why we invest in the best equipment to elevate our content and produce videos with the highest audio and visual quality. And if we don’t have it, we know how to get it whether that means buying or renting from the many Denver companies we have relationships with

Field Production 

This is where all the creative and pre-production work comes to play. We pull out all the stops – and gear – to get on set and do what we love to do, create and film awesome videos. Our talented crew always shows up ready to rock, often lugging more equipment than strictly necessary to give themselves and our clients options, flexibility and gear to facilitate their wildest filming fantasies. 

Broadcast Trafficking 

Good content belongs everywhere. That’s why we help our clients push their materials across multiple platforms and markets. We are seasoned broadcast traffickers so we know what sells and where and how to get our clients out in front of their customers whether that be a local ad, a national one, or a series of targeted spots- we have it covered.

Post Production

As important as getting quality footage is, the magic really lies in how you use it. We have a stacked roster of seasoned contractors from editors, animators, voice over artists, sound designers and more, who always hit it out of the park and transform beautiful raw footage into a polished, shining final product. We have over 10 years of expertise crafting quality produced video projects, and that’s just something you can’t put a price on. 

“I recommend their services without reservation; they are some of Denver’s finest.”

"Zerosun is a highly professional, resourceful, and creative team that works in partnership with their clients."

–Daniel W.

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