At Zerosun, we see the world through storytelling.

We believe video production should be a fun, exciting and enlightening experience for everyone involved. There's no better feeling in the world than when we've produced unique content that exceeded our client's expectations.

Since 2009, we've been creating compelling video campaigns for a variety of brands, products, agencies, companies and events. Our core team has been working together for many years and has developed a systematic but flexible approach to our creative process that allows us to develop engaging content, meet deadlines and form lasting relationships with our clients.


James Joliat
Executive Producer / Director

Zerosun was founded in 2009 by James after a 4 year stint at Fox Sports. The ultimate creator because he can produce, direct, edit, and shoot. Interested in the entire process of production. Has overseen the majority of projects at Zsun, conceptualizing and creating any type of project a client or Zsun can think up. He’s also a tech geek who enjoys nature, reading, 80’s action movies, and his fur-son, Archer.

James has been working with his team for many years, and they not only take lead on a lot of projects, but also assist at different stages, too. All together, they make up the most dynamic and capable creative team in all of Denver.

Devon Walton
Senior Editor

Devon has a B.S.M. in Music Industry Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver. With a decade of experience working in the industry, Walton possesses a vast knowledge of camera equipment, lenses, and techniques. His talent for visual storytelling and his ability to add musical accompaniment make him one of the most gifted editors in the region.

Tyler Swank
Director of Photography / Assistant Editor

Tyler grew up in the mountains of Idaho with a camera in his hand. He would film any adventure that he could, expanding both his cinematography and editing skills. Tyler pursued his education at the University of Montana and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Video Production. He worked for several years in Montana shooting short documentaries, commercial, and passion projects before moving to Denver. Combining his outdoor experience with traditional schooling allows Tyler to get creative shots in any situation and brings a wide range of skills to Zerosun.

“I recommend their services without reservation; they are some of Denver’s finest.”

"Zerosun is a highly professional, resourceful, and creative team that works in partnership with their clients."

–Daniel W.

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