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Stanley Film Festival (SFF), what a thrilling and spine-chilling project to have the opportunity to work on. The Denver Film Society (DFS) is the organization behind the “Sundance of Horror Films,” hosting the horror film festival every year in Estes Park, Colorado at the Stanley Hotel, best known for Stephen King’s The Shining.

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Zerosun and the Denver Film Society (DFS) had an existing working relationship prior to the SFF. When the festival ball began to roll and time was of the essence, DFS gave us a call with a request for us to create a handful of mini-promo videos to be shown between trailers, films, social media, Youtube pre-rolls and and video screens at the festival. The clock was ticking and we were given a week and a half to reverse engineer the series of videos from the tagline “Come Play With Us.”

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The Zerosun crew booked their stay at the infamous Stanley Hotel and filmed all 7 spots in one full day. Our Executive Producer/Director, James, wrote the scripts for all five 30 second spots and the other two 15 second spots happened organically while filming. Shooting on the RED EPIC cinema camera, our team had an incredible time creating these comical, dramatic, and creepy videos. The Stanley Hotel certainly lived up to its expectations. It was an unforgettable experience of filming creatively in a unique, yet mysteriously classic, setting. It was definitely the creepiest place any of us have ever stayed at or filmed at, but resulted in an imaginative campaign.

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Compilation including all 7 videos from the campaign (5 :30’s / 2 :15’s)