Another instance of a seemingly random website inquiry. The prospective client was originally in need of internal training videos for a new program. Questions and comments from the website are not always a guarantee of future success, but Zerosun stays ready to take on any new challenge that presents itself.


Relationships develop over time and this wasn’t our first time connecting with Graebel. Prior to the website inquiry ZSUN previously bid on an RFP that had similar demands. Graebel needed video content that would be utilized as a training aid. After reviewing our body of work they felt our quality and creative approach was too far above their current video needs. They were impressed, but believed their original wants were basic.



As time passed, Graebel was requiring more and more content. They decided to reach out to our team and send us a note through our website. They expected to finally produce a few of those internal training videos that were needed. We jumped on the creative development with expertise and prowess they have never experienced. Excited by the efforts and results Graebel wanted to continue the working partnership, which led to an annual budget solely for video production and marketing purposes with Zerosun. Graebel assumed they needed to hire an agency to take on the volume, variety and subject matter of content they wanted to create for internal videos and external marketing. Our team worked with their Director of Digital Marketing to develop a plan of action for branding, marketing, internal, social media and creative content to be produced throughout the year.


It all started with a simple website inquiry. Now we are Graebel’s go-to video production agency-like consultant. They didn’t realize a company like Zerosun existed. We are not just one of their vendors we are an integral part of their team. Since Graebel doesn’t have to hire a puffed up agency we help them save money without sacrificing quality.



We are in a multi phased content development contract with Graebel, already successfully completing phase 1 including a major brand launch, social media cuts, internal training videos and more. With some originally internal only content being so favorable it was slightly recut and released for public viewing consumption. Graebel needed a company that could work on a contractual basis, planning and building projects in phases. Our abilities to work with all of Graebel’s global locations and develop specialized shooting strategies and processes helped to solidify our relationship. We fulfilled the need of an experienced production crew to help navigate the intricacies of production and also connect the contacts and teams around the world. There is no end in sight for the amount of video work they want and need, creating the ideal working relationship.