Language Barriers

Some of us here at Zsun speak in a second language, but not one of us fluent enough in Mandarin to appeal to a Chinese audience.

So when it came time to show off Beijing’s progressive mobility movement, we had to get some help. Before we could even begin designing the art boards for this spot, our producers went through several rounds of translations, scripting and more translation until we finally had…

a script we could no longer recognize. (认识)

“From Industry Leaders”

The animation team developed a glitchy-tech translation effect to appease both English and Chinese audiences keeping cost down by making just one video that included both languages.

It took an immense amount of attention to detail, and coordination to pull this off; from the timing, to the pace, to the corresponding B-roll, we had to make sure the messaging would translate to both languages seamlessly.

The result is an ambitious fast paced video highlighting Mobility Professionals in Beijing. Just another way Zerosun works efficiently to make the absolute most out of your company’s content.

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