Creative Constraints

The Biennial of the Americas (BOTA) is the only festival in the world focused on the Americas as a unified entity, and the celebration happens every two years right here in Denver.

Having been recommended to BOTA by a previous client, we we honored to represent this internationally attended festival

…even though we only had two weeks to produce the hype video.

We jumped in immediately, working out a list of priorities and delegating responsibilities amongst our team of creatives. To pull this off, we all had to step up to the plate and think outside the box working fast without compromising quality or originality.

Early on we decided to look at our allotted two weeks as a creative constraint rather than a time constraint.

The formidable designer, Elsa Carenbauer, went above and beyond evolving BOTA’s branding and delivering stunning artboards that would later influence the event’s overall branding and print materials. Devon Walton, Zsun’s technical editor and animation guru, kicked it into overdrive generating a fresh-to-death paint splash logo animation.

Using the client’s extensive network, we were able to source a lot of event footage from years past and even had Denver’s CBS4 news anchor Britt Moreno record the voice over. The instrumental audio track too was sent to us by Kilto, a Chilean band performing at the C√≥smico Americas event.

The result was an energetic, culturally infused hype video that kicked off one of Denver’s biggest and most important celebrations.

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