Our recurring monthly client, Frontdoor Solutions, first contacted Zerosun through the website back in early 2016.  Steve Black, the owner, needed a reliable and experienced producer to help him with the post production of regional car commercial campaigns for Chrysler.  Initially we thought this would be a short-term client, but because of the relationship we had built with Steve and his team at Frontdoor, we now post-produce original campaigns for Chrysler, Jeep, Ram and Dodge in various regional markets throughout the US (to name a few: Indianapolis, Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Louisville, Denver and others).  James’ experience in television producing regional sports shows and local ads in Detroit allowed him to create a custom workflow so that our client could be comfortable passing all phases of the commercial production campaigns.  In addition, Devon, our Senior Editor, has many skills in the post suite, which include, but are not limited to, audio mixing, After Effects and color – which allows him to be in complete control over the deliverables throughout the post process.  


While Zerosun isn’t particularly involved in the scripting process, we design and develop the branding and creative direction of each new campaign based off a singular motto and logo that is sent to us from corporate Chrysler.  Zerosun evolves the brand then utilizes car footage, stock footage and motion graphics to create unique and original :30 second spots for broadcast.  We then traffic all spots to broadcast.


“Was looking for some additional production resources for my agency and found Zerosun on the web and followed up with multiple discussions with James to determine there was a good fit.  We needed some help with our production and after multiple discussions with him, he had a similar philosophy as my agencies. Partnership…in our world the work needs to get done and you need to have relationships with vendors/partners you are comfortable with and believe in to get the work done right and in a timely manner.”  – Steve Black, President, Frontdoor Solutions

Our post production team is essentially “on-call” throughout the campaign production (usually 1-2 weeks) to ensure completion of a campaign spot and the trafficking of that sport for broadcast.  A campaign can consist of anywhere from 1-18 spots, depending on the order size.  Each spot is different and needs detailed oversight from our producers and editors to ensure efficiency and client satisfaction.

*10 unique campaigns from the last year (10 X :30 = ~5:00 TRT)

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