Dedicated to Craft: Waste Connections

Good stories find us sometimes in the most bizarre and unpredictable ways. When Waste Connections asked Zsun if we would ride along in a garbage truck at 3am we said,

“100%, Absolutely.”

Documentary is our favorite medium through which to tell our stories. The sets are real, the dialogue raw and unrehearsed and the characters are genuine. Eddy G was no exception. With over 20 Years of experience and dedication, Eddy is undeniably Denver’s safest and most efficient trash collector, and Zsun would go on to prove that, to the entire nation.

The video project was shown all around the country and helped Waste Connections win the national “Driver of the Year” award in 2017. In 2018 too, our documentary on Max T, helped WC win their second consecutive “Driver of the Year,” award; something of a miracle in the waste management industry.

Using just the footage from these documentaries, Zsun went to work evolving WC’s branding and produced a commercial broadcast spot aimed at recruiting more drivers to support the company’s rapid growth. Today Waste Connections dominates the market and is recognized as a national leader for their efforts in safe and sustainable waste management strategies.

Click below to view the award winning character driven documentaries.

Eddie G          Max T


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