Fun in the Field w/ Branded Rock Canyon

In this new “digital age” when anyone can see themselves as a “content creator” or “video producer” – it can sometimes be difficult to explain to our potential client the enormous benefits of hiring an experienced production agency like Zerosun. 

Often times we get into a time consuming back and forth with them because they are weighing other options for their creative video needs, mainly because of costs. But what can be difficult to articulate is how much Zerosun actually does for the client. The relationship we build, the amount of gear and equipment we bring to the shoot, the amount of content we’ll capture compared to other companies, the amount of passion and time we’ll invest in a particular project, how much fun you’ll have on the shoot, the experience we have – obviously these points are all subjective. But we honestly believe that when you hire Zsun, you’re going to be much better off in the long run. Your video WILL BE BETTER and your content WILL BE SEXIER than if you had hired the “other company” or a “one man band” because you thought to save a few grand. 

Or even perhaps, in the case of Branded Rock Canyon, there was the fact that we had zero experience filming firearms discharging, military and hunting scenarios, tactical situations – but that shouldn’t matter.  If you have a passionate Director / Producer who is experienced and has a vision, and a talented crew…then we can create and deliver exactly what you’re looking for. And the result with Branded Rock was them being blown away by the videos we produced.  Not only that, we captured so much additional, awesome footage while at the 15,000 acre private ranch, that we have the ability to make multiple, unique deliverables and social spots well into the future.

From amenity and luxury centric spots, to focusing on activities and entertainment, to highlighting hunters training programs, to working with a 10-person advanced military unit for their law enforcement / military training programs – we were extremely versatile in the field so that the content we captured could be utilized for years to come. 

In the few months following the completion of principal photography we created three spots. Hunter’s Training, Law Enforcement and Military and Lodge Amenities and Activities. (see the embedded spots below).

Amy, our client, the head of marketing for Branded Rock, had this to say:

“Hey guys, looks awesome! Thanks so much! The videos have definitely been a big hit and are super helpful in our promotions!”

So the point of this ‘Zerosun Recent Work” post to say that whatever the project you have in mind, if you have a creative, versatile crew like Zsun behind your project, we can pull it off.

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