The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) is the state’s largest system of higher education, serving approximately 138,000 students annually at 13 colleges and 39 locations across Colorado. CCCS also oversees career and technical programs in the 13 colleges, more than 160 school districts, and six other post-secondary institutions. By partnering with business and industry, CCCS helps employers meet workforce needs and prepares students for direct entry to their chosen career pathway. The vast majority of the students are Colorado residents and, after graduation, 97% of students stay in state, becoming the workforce that powers the Colorado economy and the heart of our neighborhoods, businesses, and communities.


CCCS sent out a request for proposal (RFP) to a select group of organizations and production houses, Zerosun Creative was one of the selected and soon found out we were chosen to take on the task. The RFP requirements were a two minute video, thirteen college-specific videos, and a digital media campaign, which all needed laser focus and a sharp sensibility. The purpose of the campaign was to inform the community at large, taxpayers, public officials, prospective and current students, parents, alumni, current and potential donors and business leaders about the return on investment CCCS and its individual colleges provide for each taxpayer and tuition dollar paid to it. After the initial creative meetings and our team pulling out all the stops to formulate a field production schedule, which toured the state of Colorado, we set out to capture and create.


Field production kicked off with our crew visiting two campuses per day for the close range locations and once we started traveling to the corners of the state we focused on one campus at a time due to the long distances. Filming interviews with the campuses key faculty members and students, capturing specialized programs and live classrooms and filming the beautiful Colorado towns, cities and landscapes each individual campus represented.


Field production came and went, we were now on course for the colossal task of organizing each campus, gathering additional footage or content from representatives and scripting to move onto the editing phases. After color and polish our creative team put the finishing touches on all the videos in preparation for the social media campaign.


The final results, not only with the sheer volume of videos and content, were awe-inspiring. We had the privilege and opportunity to learn in depth about CCCS, the people dedicated to its cause and the true impact on the state of Colorado economically and socially. We were able to open our own perspectives about the future of education and how important it is to support the communities and organizations that greatly contribute to our livelihood. Zerosun Creative’s partnership with CCCS was a success without a doubt.

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