Choose Storytelling Over Promotion in Your Next Video

Standard recaps or promos work really well in a lot of cases, but if your brand is looking for unique storytelling through video, at Zerosun we will work with you to come up with a unique style and angle to get that story told!

For example, a client of ours was looking to show off some of their top sales reps, who they denote as “Rising Stars” each year. The Rising Stars are treated to a weekend of luxury for their hard work–staying at the Mondrian, a swanky Hollywood hotel, having a personalized suit fitting, and getting bottle service and VIP treatment everywhere they go.

To play on the LA fabulous-ness of the event, we came up with the idea to film and edit everything “reality show” style. Lots of handheld camera action, glitzy graphics and music, and we even had a confessional room for the Rising Stars to share their experience.

A four-episode mini-series was created from the event and showcased throughout the company’s largest annual event.

Now in our third “season” of Rising Star, the series has gained a sort of notoriety at the company. Sales associate nominated for Rising Star throughout the year talk about how excited they are to be part of the next season and previous Rising Stars become celebrities at each event.

Not only are these videos fun and engaging, they are inspiring others within the company to work harder! That’s what good storytelling can do.

What could it do for you?

Exhibit A:

Rising Stars Season 3  – promo

Exhibit B:

(we also cut some fun social media videos with the stars)

Bonus, episode 3 social media vid — 90s toys

We have a great time filming these spots every year, and we are constantly looking for ways to tell the story in a new way. Hire Zerosun Creative, a Denver Video Production Company for your next creative video! Check out our lastest reel here.

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