Flatiron Pepper Flakes

Zerosun collaborated with the marketing team at Flatiron Pepper Flakes to produce a series of product videos for their Four Pepper Blend, Dark & Smokey, Sweet Heat and Hatch Green Chile brands.

We helped develop the concept from the start, choosing to hire a food stylist for the food specific filming, and film at our Zerosun studio for the product shots.

Everything was custom conceptualized and directed for these product videos. We also filmed with a multi-platform distribution in mind, meaning all spots not only worked in 16X9 (Youtube, etc) but also 1X1 (Instagram) and 9X16 (Tok Tok, IG Stories), which can be challenging considering all of the different styles of shots we got.

In the end we produced eight unique :30 ads with a good amount of extra footage that will be used for future campaigns.

  • Animated Video
  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Broadcast and Media Trafficking
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Development
  • Commercial
  • Directing
  • Pre-production
  • Product Video
  • Studio Production
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