CDOT: Safety Closure

Proudly producing useful content that informs the public, because an informed public means a healthier city. Over the years we’ve done many projects with CDOT in association with Communications Infrastructure Group, a colorado based PR and Marketing agency. Our projects for CDOT always have a variety of production processes and challenging field production that require a good deal of planning and coordinating. They also vary in style, for example, if they are for a broadcast campaign, like the Felony DUI campaign, or more informational, like the CDOT Transportation project (28 video deliverables) or the Safety Closure Video. Each project or campaign we work on for CDOT always requires a very unique and custom pre-production approach to enable a smooth execution of the final product. 

This fully animated I70 informational campaign was written, illustrated and animated entirely in-house at Zerosun. The campaign was then release digitally on CDOT’s social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

  • Audio Design
  • Color Correction
  • Directing
  • Field Production
  • Illustration and Design
  • Informative Documentary
  • Pre-production
  • Script Development
  • Timeline Editing