Delta Dental Foundation Documentary

A documentary video tells the story of Delta Dental’s impact on dental care issues in Colorado.

“Delta Dental would like to produce a video that captures the emotional and beneficial health impact the company has had over the past 15 years.” 

This was the first line of Delta Dental’s RFP for a video to be shown at the retirement party for their long-serving CEO, Kate Paul. A daunting task, no doubt, but at Zerosun we saw this challenge as an opportunity to tell Delta Dental’s story with a documentary-style promotional piece.

While Delta Dental had in mind a typical “talking heads” promo, talking with higher-ups in different divisions of the company, we pitched something a bit different. We argued that a more meaningful way to produce the video would be to have real people all over Colorado tell their story about how Delta Dental has made an impact on them and their community.

“The project itself was interesting because we were celebrating the work of a retiring CEO and trying to showcase the importance of our work to the new CEO. The stories we captured spanned a range of topics and Zerosun was enthusiastic about all the pieces. They tried to think outside the box or dig a little deeper to more fully illustrate the issues and that energy was contagious.”
-Amy Maillet, Sr. Communications and Design Specialist for Delta Dental

We produced the following 10-minute documentary (including four separate location shoots) from pre-production to finished product in just eight weeks. We were honored to be able to capture and share these intimate stories with the Delta Dental Foundation and their local partners in Colorado.

*Four shorter versions of the piece were also cut for social media

Zerosun truly enjoyed working on this project with Delta Dental. We learned a lot about dental issues and about the struggles our city of Denver and our larger state community of Colorado face in dental care.

“Zerosun had some impressive moves, like bringing a drone to capture the desolate situation in one rural Colorado community to entering a family’s home environment and capturing their true nature really speaks to the dynamic abilities of the team. I was impressed by how they interacted in a natural, comfortable way with a range of interviewees from a CEO to a 6-year-old kid. Their relaxed presence helped people feel at ease and I think it comes through as an authentic feel in the video.”
-Amy Maillet

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