Our 28 video, 6 month project with CDOT

Over the course of six months, and in association with Community Infrastructure Group (CIG), Zerosun produced 28 videos summarizing all the future infrastructure projects for the state of Colorado.

At the beginning of the project, Zerosun worked with its designers and animators to create a templated sequence so that each subsequent video produced after the first, could be customized, evolved and modified to the needs of each project and script.

When Zerosun started the project, all they had was a basic marketing PDF and logo to work from. So once we had establish the design layout and graphics for the campaign, CDOT signed off and we began post production.

Each video utilized a number of different creative assets since there was zero field production / filming done. We used customized Google Satellite imagery, Google Earth imagery and maps. There were animated map GPS guided overlays that were motioned over the imagery to highlight important information in the scripts. We also incorporated occasional photography that was provided to us from CDOT, such as bridges, traffic and landscapes. Filling out the rest of running time was a mix of motion typography and animation.

The branding was extremely important to implement, especially on the aerial map graphics, since these videos were being propagated via social media. In addition, Zerosun implemented a “tab” like graphics platform (Project, Limits, Description, Cost, Benefits), as viewers followed along, they would know what section of the video they were on, and what was next. Similar to a SportsCenter program.

With the team at CIG, we communicated using our post production platform,Basecamp, to ensure optimal communication and project flow so that whenever there was a modification, approval, or script change, we’d have the ability to make that change and re-upload for client approval.

For the budget and for ease of production timeline and flow, it was extremely important to create the best pipeline possible so that we could produce all the videos in a timely manner, while maintaining the quality of the creative for the client.

The videos needed to be visually interesting and attention getting, since they needed to be effective with and without the assistance of audio (most people don’t have audio when watching social videos). However, when watched with audio, we added SFX and music to keep things more engaged.

All videos are being propagated by CDOT via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other platforms to inform the public of all the future infrastructure projects so that the residents of Colorado can engage with CDOT’s social media presence and feel like their feedback is important.

For more information and details on this project, and how Zerosun could produce something similar for your company, don’t hesitate to send a message through our contact form!  Check one of the videos below.

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